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Favorite Kid’s Books of Children’s Book Authors

Ever wondered what the favorite kid’s Books of Children’s Book Authors are? These are the kids’ books that have delighted, entertained and inspired Children’s Book Authors from all over the world.

Brian Selznick
American illustrator and writer best known for illustrating children’s books. He won the 2008 Caldecott Medal for U.S. picture book illustration recognizing The Invention of Hugo.

The Arrival
by Shaun Tan
(age 12 and up)

A shockingly imaginative graphic novel that captures the sense of adventure and wonder that surrounds a new arrival on the shores of a shining new city. Wordless, but with perfect narrative flow, Tan gives us a story filled with cityscapes worthy of Winsor McCay.


Julia Donaldson
British writer, playwright and performer, and the 2011–2013 Children’s Laureate. She is best known for her popular rhyming stories for children, especially those illustrated by Axel Scheffler, which include The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom and Stick Man.

Karlson on the Roof
by Astrid Lindgren
(age 8 and up)

Imagine Eric’s delight when, one day, a little man with a propeller on his back appears hovering at the window! It’s Karlson and he lives in a house on the roof. Soon Eric and Karlson are sharing all sorts of adventures, from tackling thieves and playing tricks to looping the loop and running across the rooftops. Fun and chaos burst from this charming and classic story.


Marcus Sedgwick
British writer, illustrator, and musician. His published novels include Floodland and The Dark Horse.

The Asterix books
by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo
(age 10 and up)

When Roman Centurion Crismus Bonus finds out about Getafix’s magic potion, he kidnaps the druid to force him to reveal the recipe. So Asterix joins his friend in captivity and together they two plan to whip up a surprise with truly hair-raising effects.


J.K. Rowling
British novelist Joanne “Jo” Rowling, is best known by her pen name J. K. Rowling – best known as the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series.

The Little White Horse
by Elizabeth Goudge
(age 8-12 years)

When orphan Maria arrives at Moonacre Manor, she feels as if she’s come home. Her new guardian is kind and funny, and everyone there is like an old friend. But beneath the beauty and comfort lies a tragedy. Maria is determined to find out about it, change it, and give her own life story a happy ending. This new-fashioned story is just as satisfying and memorable as your favorite fairy tale.


David Almond
In 2010 David Almond became the 29th recipient of the so-called Nobel Prize for children’s literature, the international Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing – which biennially recognises the “lasting contribution” of one living author.

by Janne Teller
(age 12 and up)

When Pierre Anthon decides there is no meaning to life, he leaves his seventh-grade classroom, climbs a plum tree, and stays there. His friends and classmates cannot get him to come down – not even by pelting him with rocks. So to prove to him that there is a meaning to life, they set out to give up things of importance, challenging one another to make increasingly serious sacrifices. As each demand becomes more extreme, events take a morbid twist. And what if, after all these sacrifices, the pile is still not meaningful enough to bring Pierre Anthon down?


Sally Gardner
English children’s writer and illustrator. Her award-winning book, I, Coriander, is set in 17th-century London. Being dyslexic, Sally Gardner did not learn to read or write until she was fourteen.

Emil and the Detectives
by Erich Kästner
(age 8 and up)

Emil is travelling by train to his grandmother’s house. He is carrying money to her from his mother. He pins the bag of money to his inside pocket for safety, but his money is stolen. Can Emil and his friends manage to find the thieves? Born in Dresden, Germany in 1899, Erich Kästner is most famous as a children’s writer.

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