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What is Bright Kids Books?
We review and recommend books for kids – that will keep parents and carers entertained too. We celebrate the diversity and equality in all types of family arrangements and encourage growth, learning and independent thinking. Our tagline – ‘Thinking kids can change the world’ – sums us up perfectly.

How do you choose the books?
The books we read and recommend have one or more of the following qualities; they celebrate diversity, equality, nature, all types of family arrangements – while encouraging growth, learning, imagination and independent thought.

Why are you called Bright Kids Books?
Two reasons – firstly, we truly believe that ‘Thinking kids can change the world’ for the better. Put simply, engendering a love of reading in kids from an early age is one of the surest ways to ensure kids stay in school.

Secondly, in mid-2013 our local bookstore closed. We’re based in a small town named Bright (Victoria, Australia). Because our site is about kids books, we figured Bright Kids Books had a nice little ring to it.

The Amazon and Book Depository book likes don’t always match to the exact same book. Why is this?
As far as possible we’ve attempted to match each book perfectly on both Amazon and The Book Depository. However, sometimes one or the other will not have the exact match available. In this case, we’ll match to the next closest printing of the listed book.

I clicked on the link to Amazon (or Book Depository) and was informed the book was ‘unavailable’.
Unfortunately, sometimes one of our affiliate partners will run out of stock. As far as possible we’ve attempted to link to books that are unlikely to run out. If you find a book we’ve listed is no longer available, feel free to contact us.

A button is missing to link to Amazon or The Book Depository for a book I’m interested in. Why is this?
Sometimes Amazon will stock a book that’s not available at The Book Depository or vice versa. Fortunately, this is a very rare occurrence. As far as possible we try to recommend books that are available at both affiliate partners.

How do you generate income?
We’re an affiliate with Amazon and The Book Depository online. As an affiliate, we receive a percentage of the sale for any book we recommend – for instance, when a purchaser clicks from the link on Bright Kids Books to Amazon. The percentage we receive for each purchase varies, however it ranges from 4% – 10% of the purchase price.

Do I pay more using Bright Kids Books (an affiliate)?
No. You pay the exact same amount as if you were to go directly to the Amazon or The Book Depository online stores. The reason Amazon and The Book Depository have affiliate programs is because it’s one of their most effective and cost efficient forms of advertising and marketing.

If you’re still unsure, we encourage you to check for yourself (choose a book from Bright Kids Books, then in another browser choose the same book on the Amazon website) and compare the prices.

What’s your refund policy?
As an Affiliate, the refund policy is set by Amazon or the Book Depository… depending on who you’ve purchased your book/s from. As these online stores are two of the most trusted and recommended, we feel confident you’ll have any issues or misadventures ironed out. View the refund & return policies for Amazon and The Book Depository.

Why should I buy my books through Bright Kids Books instead of going directly to the Amazon online store?
Good question. The Amazon store has the largest range of books at the lowest prices. The one drawback is that because Amazon is so huge, it’s sometimes difficult to locate exactly what you’re looking for. For instance, as Kristen (co-curator) found, if you’re trying to find a book that’s perfect for a niece who doesn’t have a mother figure… it can be very frustrating and time consuming.

That’s where Bright Kids Books comes in. We’ve researched the finest and most engaging kids and parenting books available – and they’re all set out in an enjoyable and easy to locate way. Best of all, because we’re continually researching and updating our book recommendations, you’ve now got a reliable resource that saves you time (and money).

Have you read and reviewed every single book listed on Bright Kids Books?
Not quite. While we would like to have the time to read every single book we list, it’s simply not possible. However, we have read every kids book recommended up to the age nine. Alongside our own prodigious reading, we utilize many resources (friends, educators, formal reviews from respected journals, respected book awards) to determine the books listed on Bright Kids Books. With this in mind, we decided to formally structure our reviews in a consistent manner… hence there’s few personal insights. If you do have an issue with any book listed on Bright Kids Books, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I’m a parent with an issue that isn’t covered by Bright Kids Books. Can you tell me why?
We’re continually updating and adding new articles and categories. However, if you’d like us to research something in particular, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

I have a question that isn’t covered in these FAQ’s
Great. You can ask your question here >>

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