Age 3-5 yrs Best bedtime stories for kids aged 3-5 years old.

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Best bedtime stories for kids – 3-5 year olds

One thing about your bedtime stories for kids, is that everybody (including parents) looks forward to reading them. These bedtime stories for kids provide the perfect amount of laughs and sleep inducing cues – so that everyone finishes their day on a high. Happy reading and sweet dreams!

Our picks of the best bedtime stories for kids – age 3-5 years old

Good Night, Gorilla
by Peggy Rathman

“Good night, Gorilla,” says the weary watchman as he walks by the gorilla cage on his nightly rounds at the zoo. Universally understandable subject matter – and a narrative conveyed almost entirely through pictures – mark this as an ideal title for beginners. Author and illustrator Peggy Rathmann (creator of the Caldecott-winning Officer Buckle and Gloria) relies more on the nuances of her jewel-toned pictures, than on words to pace this giggly bedtime story – making it perfect for observant preschoolers and one of the best bedtime stories for kids aged 3-5.


Where the Wild Things Are
by Maurice Sendak

Where the Wild Things Are is one of those truly rare bedtime books that can be enjoyed equally by a child and a grown-up. If you disagree, then it’s been too long since you’ve attended a wild rumpus! The wild things – with their mismatched parts and giant eyes – manage somehow to be scary-looking without ever really being scary; at times they’re downright hilarious. Sendak’s defiantly run-on sentences – one of his trademarks – lend the perfect touch of stream of consciousness to the tale, which floats between the land of dreams and a child’s imagination. One of the all-time classic bedtime stories for kids of all time!


I Love You, Stinky Face
by Lisa McCourt

Mothers love their children and this unconditional love is truly tested in I Love You, Stinky Face. Lisa McCourt and Cyd Moore beautifully weave a reassuring tale of the love and affection of a parent. The imaginative son turns himself into a meat-eating dinosaur, a swamp creature and much, much more… before being satisfied with the fact that no matter how stinky he is or how slimy of a creature he could possibly be, he is loved and nothing will change that. A lovely – and highly amusing – addition to your night-time ritual and one of our favorite bedtime stories for kids aged 3-5.


Llama Llama Red Pajama
by Anna Dewdney

In this infectious rhyming read-aloud, Baby Llama turns bedtime into an all-out llama drama! The simple rhymes call out for repeating, and the whimsical illustrations cleverly dramatize the increasing panic. Key worry words, such as fret, are highlighted, and for extra humor, Baby Llama’s toy llama mimics his every expression. A real charmer among bedtime stories that will leave preschoolers giggling – and parents appreciating the familiar scenario. One of the genuinely delightful bedtime stories for kids aged 3-5 years old.


Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!
by Mo Willems

Everyone’s favorite Pigeon is back for this interactive bedtime romp, in which he tries to escape his inevitable bedtime. Youngsters are thrust into the role of caregiver, as the pigeon attempts to talk his way out of the inevitable bedtime. Coming up with requests that range from manipulative (I hear there’s a good show about birds on TV tonight. Should be very educational.) to cajoling (Y’know, we never get to talk anymore. Tell me about your day!) to the classic (Can I have a glass of water?). Defying drowsiness to the last, he finally falls asleep, clutching his stuffed bunny tightly under his wing. Children will be charmed by this bedtime treat, which will have them (and you) laughing out loud at the pigeon – and at themselves. Mo Willems has written and illustrated a one of the best laugh-out-loud funny bedtime stories for kids – a book that will have you laughing all the way to bedtime.


Bear Snores On
by Karma Wilson

It seems like Bear can sleep through anything. As a succession of animals enter his cave to escape the fierce storm, he continues to snore. Mouse makes a nice warm fire, Hare cooks popcorn and Badger brings treats…They are having a great time. But when Bear wakes up and realises he’s missed out on the fun, his visitors fear the worst. Can Bear be persuaded to join the party? This read-aloud rhyming story has fun, suspense and a happy ending – with Jane Chapman’s beautiful, captivating illustrations and Karma Wilson’s absorbing, lyrical words perfectly depicting the companionship of the warm, cosy cave and the contrast with the wild storm outside. If you’re looking for some funny bedtime stories, then Bear Snores On is a worthy addition to your bookshelf.


Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime
by Myra Wolfe

If only bedtime could walk the plank! Charlotte Jane the Hearty gets all the juice out of her days with pirate-girl pizzazz! She loves swashbuckling sessions, treasure hunts, and Fantastic Feats of Daring – all of which prove she has “formidable” oomph. There’s absolutely no room in her day for bedtime. But can Charlotte Jane refuse to snooze and still be her hearty pirate self? Quirky and original… Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime is one of those bedtime stories for kids with a difference!


Good Night, Sleep Tight
by Mem Fox & Judy Horacek

When Bonnie and Ben’s favorite baby sitter, Skinny Doug, offers a bedtime salute of  “Good night, sleep tight, hope the fleas don’t bite!” he embarks on a command performance of seven traditional rhymes. Good Night, Sleep Tight reunites bestselling picture book author Mem Fox with illustrator Judy Horacek, following their collaboration on Where is the Green Sheep? No doubt you’ll wish you had a baby sitter just like Skinny Doug, in this warm hearted tale that’s just perfect for bedtime reading. Super fun and easily one of the best bedtime stories for kids going around.


Dream Animals
by Emily Winfield Martin

Perfect for bed time reading, this book will appeal to parents and children alike. Emily Martin convinces children to close their eyes and discover who their dream animal might be – and what dream it might take them to. With a perfect night time rhyme and gorgeous illustrations, this delightful and whimsical book will inevitably become one of your favorite bedtime stories for kids (and weary, sleep-deprived parents!).


by Sally Symes (Author) and Nick Sharratt (Illustrator)

The perfect recipe for getting kids ready to go to sleep. Sean gave a yawn and passed it on to Cat. Cat gave a yawn and passed it on to Bird. Bird gave a yawn and passed it on. You’ll need to turn the page to find out who is next to be overcome with a yawn in this fun and ingenious board book –  although the rhyming text will offer some imaginative clues! Bold graphic artwork and enticing die-cuts make for a bedtime read-aloud as infectious and irresistible as a… yawn!


And finally, one of the most awesome bedtime stories for kids we’ve ever come across…


An Awesome Book of Thanks!
by Dallas Clayton

Inspired by the idea of being thankful for all that you have, An Awesome Book of Thanks! is a beautifully written, fantastically illustrated walk through a world of magical unicorns, robotic dinosaurs, and all of life’s simple moments, great and small. Crafted for children ages 0-1000, this timeless story is sure to be an instant classic, at home in the hands of anyone looking for the perfect reminder of just how beautiful life can be.

While geared toward young children (0-10) and the parents of young children it is also a book for the masses and spans age groups, gender, geographical, racial, and religious boundaries. The book conveys, in pictures and simple yet beautiful language, all the ways one can be thankful – and all the different things in life to be thankful for. And while you could read the Awesome Book of Thanks at any time of the day… it really is one of those perfect bedtime stories for kids aged 3-5 years old.


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